The SVG Coast Guard Service is making an appeal to sea-bathers to exercise caution during the summer vacation.

Bathing at sea has several benefits. It can sooth cramps and muscle aches, as well as ease insomnia and skin troubles. It’s also fun.
However, fun can sometimes turn into tragedy, especially with the absence of lifeguards, who play a key role in ensuring a safe environment for swimmers at pools, as well as public beaches.

Here in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, there have been many calls for the provision of a life guard service, especially during the long summer vacation, when more children are spending longer periods at the nation’s beaches.

Lieutenant Ralph Ragguette of the SVG Coast Guard, told NBC News, that providing a life guard service is a challenging task. He said that persons who go to the beach frequently must practice safety, such as learning to do CPR and utilising life jackets, while bathing.

Lieutenant Ragguette further stated that it is important that persons also know how to swim.

He added that families who take their children to the beach, have also been advised to ensure that someone is assigned to monitor their children.



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