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The National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) was established in January of 2002 to coordinate the use of all available resources (local, regional, and international) to ensure that all the people of  St.Vincent and the Grenadines are better able to mitigate against disasters, prepare for disasters, respond to disasters and recover from the impact of disasters in the shortest possible time.


A tested, comprehensive but practical Disaster Management Plan for every household, building, institution, and or organisation in St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

To sensitise administrators, business leaders, schools and the general public on the social and economic impacts of disasters and the need for effective disaster management at all levels.


In the context of this plan, Disaster Preparedness means preparing the community to react promptly to save lives and protect property if they are threatened or hit by a disaster or major emergency of any kind. In order to do this, planning must be done before there is even the threat of an emergency. This involves the assignment of responsibilities, classification and cataloguing of resources, training, practice drills, and evaluation of experiences.

In keeping with this definition the role of the National Emergency Management Office is one of activating the community on a countrywide basis to deal with any type of disaster. The National Emergency Management Office was established to be the administrative as well as operational arm of the National Emergency Organisation.


Ministry of National Security,
Melville Street,
Kingstown, Saint Vincent


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