Crime can be seen as multi-dimensional, dynamic and transnational problems, including, (but not limited to): trafficking in human beings, smuggling of migrants, illicit manufacturing and trafficking in firearms, theft, rape, murder etc. and it must therefore be emphasized that any solution must take these into account.

Possible approaches should include strengthening institutional and legal frameworks, effective law enforcement, and measures designed to restrict opportunities for crime.

The Commission must therefore deal with (among other things):

  • Criminal offences committed by organised gangs;

  • Assist in cracking down on money laundering and the proceeds of crime;

  • Assist in speeding up and widening the process of extradition;

  • Protecting witnesses testifying against criminal groups;

  • Tightening co-operation to seek out and prosecute suspects;

  • Strengthening crime prevention on the local level by encouraging the participation of the citizenry;

  • Involve youth actively in the crime prevention process;

  • Improved coordination among stakeholders in crime prevention.

  • Other topics to be dealt with by the Commission include the problem of international trafficking in protected plant and animal species, cyber crime; and trafficking in illegal drugs.


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