To provide a safe, secure, friendly and tranquil environment for our citizens and our visitors alike.


To develop and implement mechanisms and systems, to prevent, detect and significantly reduce the rate and fear of crime and violence with a view to building a culture of peace, and improve the quality of life in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

 Core Values

  • To offer our people and visitors confidence for today and hope for tomorrow in our crime detection and crime prevention systems.
  • To train and empower our citizens with the tools and resources, to promote the continuous improvement of a God-fearing lifestyle.
  • To review and improve our systems, which influence our citizens safety and quality of life.
  • To welcome and take action to any information provided regarding crime and violence against our citizens and visitors.
  • To collaborate with local, regional, and international law enforcement agencies and other partners in crime prevention.


  • Keep crime prevention as national issue.
  • Incorporate all citizens to be part of the process
  • Make Saint Vincent a crime free society and strive to reduce significantly the level of crime.
  • Educate the masses through the media and otherwise about crime and how to prevent it.
  • Train, equip and empower all institutions and organisations to prevent and detect crime.
  • Increase police personnel across the country.
  • Analyse the crimes committed and put measures in place to reduce them.
  • Employ the use of technology.
  • Train our people on crime reporting.
  • Teach our people to adopt a positive lifestyle and attitude to each other and to exercise zero tolerance   with respect to crime.
  • Transform the culture of crime to a culture of Peace.


Ministry of National Security,
Melville Street,
Kingstown, Saint Vincent


(784) 457-1426
(784) 456-1111