A Time For Listening (By:  Robert Rivas O.P.)

Youth without ideals --stagnate

Youth without self esteem --are weak

Youth without self-respect -- are impoverished

Youth without a passion -- for life drift

Youth without discipline -- lack docility

Youth without goals -- lack hope

Youth without a challenge -- lack courage

Youth without service -- are selfish

Youth without a mission -- are empty

Youth without a mentor -- go astray

Youth without love -- languish

Youth without support -- are defeated

Youth without violent -- self-destruct

Youth without generosity -- are feeble

Youth without a love for truth -- are volatile

Youth without hope -- are rudderless

Youth without virtue -- are vulnerable

Youth without GOD -- are lost

Youth committed to Christ -- are saved

Youth of the Beatitudes -- transform the world

Youth who listen -- are wise

Give and blessings will be yours, and the fullness of life.


Do to no one what you would not want done to you.
Give your bread to those who are hungry, and your clothes to those who are naked.
Ask advice of every wise person;bless the Lord God in everything,
Beg him to guide your ways and, bring your paths and your purposes to their end.

This is a message from The National Commission on Crime Prevention (NCCP).


Ministry of National Security,
Melville Street,
Kingstown, Saint Vincent


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