• Increase Publicity (requires a Team to campaign):  On the Beat, Radio, API and Print Media Using our Strategic Plan.
  • Create an awareness and support for the fight against crime by organising and sensitising Nurses, Doctors, Pastors, Teachers, and Organisational Leaders.
  • Restoring and maintaining a feeling of safety among communities, e.g. mass meeting with these groups, Neighbourhood Watch, etc.
  • Putting a system in place to calm the fear of crime – visits to Community Groups.
  • Visiting Schools e.g. addressing assembly gathering to target every child from as early as Day Care age.  Addressing graduation ceremonies – from Pre-Schools to Primary and Tertiary Institutions to sensitise the pupils and students to the dangers,  which they may be face.
  • Teaching Prevention of Crime as part of a school Curriculum.  Religious Studies as an aspect of the School Curriculum.
  • Encouraging Businesses to get their employees involved in the fight against crime – Discussion with Business Houses, Chambers of Commerce.
  • Defining crime appropriately (seasons/sources/type of crime) and applying suitable solutions to crimes, (e.g. securing the necessary human and financial resources and information from the relevant authorities.
  • Utilising uniformed groups (Cadets, Scouts, etc.) in crime fighting.
  • Establishing a proper technological system for rapid response to crime, e.g. utilising the telephone companies.
  • Installing a direct line that is published that people can also call to report matters related to crime.
  • Reach out to Ex-convicts – let the community know they are part of the society.
  • Work with Prisoners, Mental Health Centre, etc.
  • Using Prisoners e.g. Grantley Bramble and Andre (Judge) Bowens to give their experience to schools and community groups.


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