• Do not bring weapons to school REFUSE to carry a weapon for someone else, and REFUSE to keep silent about those who carry weapons.

  • REPORT any crime immediately to schoolteachers.

  • REPORT suspicious behaviour to a teacher.

  • Learn how to manage your anger. Find out ways to settle arguments by talking it out, working it out or walking away rather than fighting.

  • HELP others to settle disputes peacefully.

  • Become a PEER COUNSELOR, working with classmates who need support and help with problems.

  • MENTOR a young student As role model and a friend, you can make it easier for a younger person to adjust to school and ask for help.

  • Welcome new students and help them feel at home in school.

  • Start a PEACE PLEDGE CAMPAIGN, in which students promise to settle disagreements without violence, to reject weapons and to work toward a safe school environment.

  • Start a SCHOOL CRIME WATCH. Consider including a student patrol that helps keep an eye on corridors, parking lots and groups.

This is a message from the National Commission on Crime Prevention, (NCCP)


Ministry of National Security,
Melville Street,
Kingstown, Saint Vincent


(784) 457-1426
(784) 456-1111