The Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Coast Guard Youth Development Summer Program 2018 got started on Monday, July 16th, at the SVG Coast Guard Base.

The Program which is in its 25th year is being held under the theme “shaping our youths for life’s high seas”. This year’s program is made possible by Sagicor, the Bank of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Wind and Seas.

Speaking at a ceremony to mark the official opening of the program, Coordinator, Petty Officer Hamlette, said that the program is not one for the participants to pastime during their vacation but is one that is geared at their development. He expressed gratitude to the sponsors for making the program possible and pointed out a number of areas in which the participants would be trained. Petty Officer Hamlette noted that the participants would be exposed to training in personal development, navigation, safety at sea, substance abuse, leadership development, conflict resolution, CPR and first aid response and Planned Parenthood among others.

Lieutenant Hamlette, who spoke on behalf of the Coast Commander, noted that the SVG Coast Guard’s Youth Development Summer Program is one of the most coveted programs in this country but they cannot accommodate everyone who wish to participate. He therefore encourage those who were granted the opportunity to participate to make the best use of the opportunity.

The Manager of Sagicor, Mr. Stanley Browne, said his company is happy to be associated with the program and noted that they have been on board with the program for twenty four years. He said this is indicative of their commitment to the development of the youths of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. He also congratulated the SVG Coast Guard on the initiative noting that the program is arguably the best youth summer program in this country.

Commissioner of Police, Colin John, said the SVG Coast Guard Youth Development Summer Program has molded many lives and there are practical benefits to be had from it as some of the Coast Guard Officers were once participants in the summer program. He said through this program the participants will establish networks, build lasting friendships and learn about the intricacies of operations in the SVG Coast Guard. The Commissioner also said that the program will shape the participants in the right direction to be better citizens of SVG and the World.

The Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Coast Guard Youth Development Summer Program will be carried out in three phases, the first phase will run to July 24th while the second will run from July 30th to August 7th and the third phase from August 13th to August 21st, 2018.




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