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(1) Electronic passports - (ePassports)

These passports were launched on 4th March 2014. There are three kinds: Ordinary (blue), Official (green) and Diplomatic (burgundy).

(2) Ordinary passports

These are issued to the general public. They are valid for a period of ten (10) years for persons 16 years and older; and five (5) years for persons under the age of 16 years.

(3) a. The time/period for processing and issuing of the travel documents (as long as all requirements are met) are as follows:

  • Renewals - Seven (7) working days
  • First time applicants - fourteen (14) working days (descent )one (1) month
  • First time applicants (descent ) - one (1) month

(3) b. The fees are:

  • Applicants 16 years and over - EC$200.00
  • Applicants under 16 years - EC$100.00

    (3) c. Express Service:

    1 day - $90.00
    2 - 3 days - $60.00
    4 - 5 days - $40.00

    (See Services)

(4) Passport Application Forms

There are two (2) types of passport application forms:

  • forms for persons 16 years and older - Cost: $15.00 (revenue stamps)
  • forms for persons under 16 years - Cost: $10.00 (revenue stamps)

(5) Requirements for Passports

First time applicants are required to present:

1. the original and a copy of their birth certificate.
2. the original and a copy of their marriage certificate, (if applicable).
3. National ID card (persons under the age of 16 years can present their Multi-Purpose Identification Card [MPID]).

(6) Diaspora Citizens

Citizens living in Canada, United States of America and United Kingdom are required to use the services of the consulate in the states mentioned.

Fees for submission of passport application forms in the named countries are as follows:

Canada CDN$185.00 - Adults
  CDN$95.00 - Children

CDN$225.00 - Replacement

United Kingdom £95.00 - Adults
  £70.00 - Children
  £110.00 - Replacement
United States US$200.00 - Adults
  US$100.00 - Children
  US$225.00 - Replacement


Contact information is as follows:


Consulate General of SVG
55 town Centre Court
Suite 624
Scarborough, Ontario MI 4X4
Telephone: 1-416-398-4277
Fax: 1-647-438-5312

United States

Consulate General of SVG
801 Second Avenue
21st Floor
New York, N.Y. 10017
Telephone: 212-687-4490
Fax: 212-949-5946

United Kingdom

High Commission for SVG
10 Kensington Court
London, W85DL
United Kingdom
Telephone 011-44-207-565-2874

Persons who reside in these countries and send their applications to the head office in Kingstown to be renewed, must pay the equivalent conversion in Eastern Caribbean dollars.

(7) Replacements

All cases of lost, stolen or damaged/defaced passports must be reported immediately to the Passport and Immigration Department. In the case where passports are stolen, a police report, together with a lost/stolen report form, must be completed and submitted to the Passport and Immigration Department.

A fee of EC$300.00 is charged for the replacement of any passport. This is in addition to the cost of EC$200.00 or EC$100.00 for the new passport that is to be issued. There is a waiting period before one can re-apply for a new passport.


Ministry of National Security,
Melville Street,
Kingstown, Saint Vincent


(784) 457-1426
(784) 456-1111