To rehabilitate offenders, who have been confined to punitive custody, through inculcating good habits and skills, geared towards their successful integration into society.


To ensure that all inmates, when leaving the institution, return to society through an integrated system of continuous teaching and learning, geared towards building skills, self-esteem and morale.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe that those in our custody have the potential to change.
  • We believe that our staff is our greatest asset in the achievement of our mission, and it has the potential to bring about meaningful change.
  • We believe that Her Majesty’s Prisons are an integral part of the Vincentian society.
  • We believe that we should operate the department cost-efficiently, while maintaining the ability to achieve our mission.

Our Aim

To ensure that everyone who comes into our care learns a skill, and be able to read and write upon their release.

Target Audience

  • Other prisons
  • Business sectors
  • Security firms
  • Judiciary
  • Public sector
  • Welfare Department
  • Families and friends of inmates


Ministry of National Security,
Melville Street,
Kingstown, Saint Vincent


(784) 457-1426
(784) 456-1111