The prison has been plagued with the problem of recidivism. Rehabilitation is one of the key areas that is now used to minimize this crisis.

The inmates are trained in areas of carpentry, mechanics, auto body repair, masonry, baking, tailoring and welding. There is also an Adult Education Programme that is conducted by the Ministry of Education in conjunction with the prison staff. So that upon their release inmates would be equipped with the tools needed to assist them in the job market.

On a daily basis, some of the male prisoners are engaged in numerous tasks such as cutting and cleaning of school properties, cemeteries and other government buildings.

In addition, they are involved in community service and other sporting activities with the general public, so as to foster a greater bond with them.

Presently, there are numerous religious activities, both at the male and female prisons. This has greatly enhanced the prisoners' religious beliefs and self worth.

There is also a counsellor that is attached to the department, who has been instrumental in assisting the prisoners on all levels.

With these new measures in place, we are optimistic that there will be a dramatic decline in the prison population.


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